PA Sectarian Timeline

Ephrata Cloister names in parentheses

1694 Kelpius along Wissahickon

1720  Conrad Beissel (Father Friedsam)

1723 Beginning of Mohawk Valley migration

1725 Eckerlins + Wilhelm Berkenmeyer

1727 Israel Eckerlin’s baptism (Brother Onisimus)

1729 Alexander Mack (Brother Timoteus) & Conrad Weiser (Brother Enoch) on Tulpehocken.

  • Emanuel Eckerlin (Brother Elimech) & Beissel on Cocalico.

1731 First Weiser child dies

1732  Beissel into the wilderness according to Chronichon

1732-33 Tulpehocken Conversion

1734 Samuel (Brother Jephune) and Israel Eckerlin (Brother Onisimus) build house on Cocalico
Gabriel (Brother Jonathan)

1735 Peter Miller (Brother Jaebez/Agrippa)

  • Cloister Built (with Weiser’s money)

1736 Weiser moves into Cloister

1737 Weiser journey to Onondago for Virginia

1739 Moravians show up

1741 Zinzendorf arrives

  • Israel Eckerlin becomes Ephrata Prior

1742 Weiser & Zinzendorf to Shamokin

  • Eldest daughter dies in Ephrata Cloister

1743 Muhlenberg arrives

1745 Israel Eckerlin into wilderness according to Chronichon/Leben

1748 Weiser rejoins Lutherans

  • Lutheran Ministerium Philadelphia
  • Sangmeister arrives in Ephrata

1750/51 Eckerlins leave Ephrata second time for Monongahela

1752 Sangmeister leaves Ephrata

1757 Israel and Gabriel Eckerlin taken by French

1760 Conrad Weiser Dies

1764 Sangmeister and Samuel Eckerlin return to Ephrata

1768 Conrad Beissel Dies


2 Responses to PA Sectarian Timeline

  1. Jan C. Goss, Barrington Hills, Illinois says:

    RE: Question about 1727 timeline entry for Israel Eckerlin’s Baptism. He was baptized per Chronicon Ephratense (page 42 of Hark English translation 1889) which quotes a long passage reputedly by Israel Eckerlin explaining the steps leading to his baptism by Conrad Biessel on “Whitsunday, 1728” (9 June, 1728). He was baptized along with Heinrich Muller, a mason to whom Israel was apprenticed, and Jakob Gass, Sr. (also known as brother Jethro and my widowed 6th great grandfather). You may have other sources for your 1727 timeline date, if so, I would like to learn the details. This little factoid is of critical importance to research on my ancestor’s participation in the Ephrata community. My Gass/Goss ancestors (a party of six including the householder family of Frederick & Elizabeth Gass, Jakob Gass, Jr. aka Bro Lamach and Jakob Gass, Sr aka Bro Jethro) did not arrive in Pennsylvania until September, 1727 on the Ship James Goodwill.

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