#BigBird and Obama

When Mitt Romney attacked Big Bird, he attacked an Obama surrogate of global repute.  The residents of Sesame Street taught my generation and those that followed to embrace difference of color, creed, even orientation, with subtle messages of compassion and self-love.  The Bird’s ability to calm cultural waters stretched far beyond American borders:

Americans elected and the world celebrated our first President of color, whose father hailed from Africa and whose childhood spanned the Pacific.  Barack Obama was and is a global citizen worthy of Big Bird.  Mitt Romney, who barely endured a mission trip to Paris and who adheres to the most oligarchical of American religions, wants to end Barack’s presidency and obliterate the plebeian bird that made it possible.

Big Bird’s and Barack Obama’s penchant for diplomatic behavior serves them well around the world but sometimes lets them down in the rough and tumble of American streets.  Oscar the Grouch made fun the The Bird, but he had his back.  Romney may have roused an army of Oscars from their slumber.  Beware!


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