Mystery of the Bunbeg Mainer

Boats of Bunbeg by Jeremy Pardoe

Two plus years ago on our first morning in Donegal, we wandered along the beautiful Bunbeg village pier.  A middle-aged woman emerged from her stunning wooden yacht.  As my elder son complains, I talk to strangers as if they are friends.  I had to ask about her boat.  She tantalized me with a tale of her life as a successful author in Maine, who grew tired of writing, fell in love with a man from this gorgeous part of the Gaeltacht, moved into a croft with him and their young son while they built their boat, and return for respites when the sea is too rough or the vessel needs – as it did then – repairs.

I tried to Google my way to the woman’s identity at the time.  While happy to chat and trade tales of trans-Atlantic romance and working motherhood, she never unveiled her authorial persona.  If any of you who happen upon this post happen to know of a writer from Maine who found love and crossed the sea to Eire, please let me know.  Whenever I happen upon the photos of that morning my interest regains it pique.


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3 Responses to Mystery of the Bunbeg Mainer

  1. Katia B. says:

    What a lovely story!

  2. Ann Flinspach Lewis says:

    Jack’s photography and your prose make a great team!

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