In anticipation of Mother’s Day…

Lessons from my grandmother:

A homemade sandwich of ham and butter on bread tastes better than anything bought in a store.

Lead paint doesn’t make children stupid.  Stupid children eat lead paint.

No one is too old for Santa.

Better a messy house than an empty mind.

Brilliance need not announce itself.

Money means nothing.

Character counts.

Coffee makes anything better.

Lessons from my mother:

Small joys merit big celebrations.

Run for public office; serve; and set your own term limits.

If you don’t call it cancer, it doesn’t seem as scary.

Garden soil is a salve for the soul.

Cake creates community.

Empathy is everything.

Friendship transcends age.

Know your neighbors.

Chocolate makes anything better.


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2 Responses to In anticipation of Mother’s Day…

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    Happy Mother’s Day

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