A Night at the Round Table

via bbc.co.uk

The BBC still makes programs worthy of a gathering the family together for an evening in front of the ‘box.’   My family has spent that last two Saturdays swept up in a post-modern re-conception of Camelot.  Normally, I barely tolerate the television targeted at tween boys.  I don’t object to a few, like Phineas & Ferb, but I would hardly whoop with joy at the prospect of an evening spent in their company.  By contrast, I excuse each anachronism and relish every mystical moment with Merlin.  An Anglo-American family that counts castles per day on Celtic vacations could hardly do better than a short ‘staycation’ in Camelot.  I hope you join us for jousts with injustice and meritocratic magicians on Netflix.  The dragon in the dungeon says Arthur cannot unite Albion alone.


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