10,000 Maniacs

Dearest Readers,

My blog reached a magical 10,000 hits today for which I thank you.  In my other blogging life at Inside Higher Ed, I have been called arrogant, bitter, judgmental, pretentious, and snarky.  Here, you kindly read what I write with the benefit of the doubt.

Last May, I drafted my first blog in my husband’s hospital room as he recovered from heart surgery.  What began as a fruitful distraction has become a fulfilling outlet for the frustrated writer lurking within my soul.

During my visit to Sam’s Club today, I passed yet another Jane Austen sequel  in the aisle.  I wonder why so many women of my generation – most emphatically including myself among them – cling so closely to Miss Austen.  I think she speaks to us as a generation of diarists/bloggers.  She understood the poetry of the every-day in a manner that too few post-modern novelists do.

Thus, I address you as my dearest readers in homage to Miss Austen and the other women like her past, present, and future who hope to make the every-day transformational.  Having an audience for which to write has transformed my life, and I hope (arrogant and pretentious though it may be) that what I write may have transformed yours.

Your humble servant, etc.


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